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In this time of great volatility, both economically and politically, many investors are looking for “safe” options—investment vehicles that feel a bit more like stashing money under their mattresses… but have better interest rates than dust bunnies.

If this idea already feels like a warm blanket slung around your shoulders, then annuities may be an ideal way of providing you with financial stability and security, either as you prepare for, enter, or live in retirement. Planning ahead is a necessary method of ensuring your money won’t run out before you pass away and burden your loved ones with your expenses.

There are so many options out there, and as independent advisers, our choices are unlimited. This means we can find whatever product suits your needs, regardless of which company offers it.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t just about providing for your loved ones and covering after-life expenses anymore. New products can encompass even more useful benefits, some of which you can use while you’re still alive. Here are five top benefits of life insurance that may surprise you and illustrate our point.

  1. Life insurance payouts to beneficiaries are tax-free because they’re not considered income (and don’t have to be reported at tax time).
  2. With sufficient coverage, your dependents won’t have to worry about living expenses after you pass.
  3. Life insurance can cover your final expenses, rather than burdening your loved ones’ pocketbooks.
  4. You can get coverage for chronic and terminal illnesses that allow you to access some or all of your death benefit while you’re still alive.
  5. Certain types of policies that accumulate cash value can be drawn from while you are alive to supplement your retirement savings.

Not Sure You Really Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance provides financial support to surviving dependents or other beneficiaries after the death of an insured policyholder. If you fall into one of the following categories, you may benefit from life insurance:

  • Parents with minor children
  • Parents with special-needs adult children
  • Adults who own property together (whether married or not)
  • Seniors who want to leave money to adult children who provide their care before they pass away
  • Young adults without dependents but whose parents incurred private student loan debt or cosigned a loan on their behalf
  • Children or young adults who want to lock in low rates while they’re young and healthy
  • Stay-at-home spouses
  • Wealthy families who expect to owe estate taxes
  • Families who can’t afford burial and funeral expenses
  • Businesses with key employees, whose passing would create a severe financial hardship for a firm
  • Married pensioners
  • Those with preexisting conditions (if available)

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Long-Term Care

Many don’t think about long-term care because they…

  • Don’t believe they’ll need it
  • Think Medicare will pay for it
  • Don’t know what to do if they need assistance
  • Think their family is prepared to help

To help you better understand long-term care planning, check out our white paper below:

  • Why people aren’t planning for this critical retirement challenge
  • Reasons people have mistakenly overlooked LTC planning
  • The emotional and financial risks people face when they don’t have a LTC plan
  • Why Medicare or Medicaid probably isn’t going to pay for your long-term care
  • Why, even if you qualified for LTC under Medicaid, you might not get the care you need

Have more specific questions about LTC? Contact us or check out the white paper below on caregiving.

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