Let Us Manage Your 401k

Retirement Account Management

Stoney Creek Advisors prides itself on its retirement account management, which treats even away-held retirement accounts (i.e. – 401k, 403b, 529, HSA, 457, TSP, etc.) as an active part of your overall portfolio to give you a more comprehensive picture of your retirement planning.

Whether you want us to simply review your retirement account(s) periodically, manage them in a self-directed brokerage account, or trade them directly through a connected retirement account platform, we have a solution that will fit your needs and your plan’s options.

The Cadillac of Retirement Management

We’ve partnered with Pontera to securely manage (see, trade, and report on) assets in away-held retirement accounts to deliver better retirement outcomes to our clients.

More Comprehensive Planning

  • Your adviser can manage your account as a cohesive part of your portfolio, rather than as a separate, untouchable asset that vaguely contributes to your retirement.

Superior Outcomes

  • Research shows professionally managed retirement accounts outperform self-directed accounts by 3% per year, net of fees.

Adviser Management = Hands-Off Trading

  • Your adviser can trade and rebalance your retirement account(s) for you, rather than providing you with a list of trades for you to make yourself, often using a cumbersome plan website.

Account Security

  • While your adviser can rebalance your retirement account(s), they cannot initiate disbursements or change your beneficiaries.
  • Your adviser won’t have access to your personal password to access your account, providing you added privacy.
  • Connection issues that frequently arise with other aggregators are eliminated with this new platform system, giving you more accurate account data in your SCA Client Portal.

How it works

  • Once you opt into having your advisor manage your away-held retirement account(s), your adviser will connect your account to our platform.
  • There, your adviser will have access to the full fund lineup available for your plan and the ability to enter trades directly through the connected platform.
  • Data from your account will feed into your SCA Client Portal, to make all your accounts visible in one place.

Ready to finally manage your retirement account(s) like the rest of your portfolio?